Golf Putting Tips to Improve Your Short Game

For those of us that want to improve our game, golf putting tips are essential. While there are a number of things we can learn to improve our game using some of the techniques that the big shots in the PGA use, it is also important to note that the single best thing that a new golfer can do is practice every day. With that in mind, let’s dive right into the golf putting tips we have.

As you might be aware, putting is one of the most important shots a golfer can learn. When you improve how you putt, you can knock stroke points off your final score.

Eyes on the ball

The first tip to share is that you must place your eyes directly over the ball. This is the same as looking down a cue stick in pool, or aiming with a racket in tennis. Prepare your stance, and hold the ball in front of your face, then drop it. If your eyes remain over the ball, you should be able to putt it with no problem.

Strong Base

Another important factor to consider is your base. Some individuals don’t keep it firm enough. Your legs should be just wide enough that your body becomes stabilized, and that you are able to successfully follow through.

Before we leave the golf putting tips on stance, we must look at one more important factor, and that is that your arms are correctly lined up. Your arms must line up with the hole you are playing towards directly. How accurate this line is will directly influence your back stroke’s quality.

When you have accomplished this, you are ready to move forward with the golf putting tips. Remember, that each of these will take practice to master, and these can often be done in the comfort of your backyard, as well as on the golf course.

Choice of Putter

Take note of this, as it is very important. The putter you use will determine the success of your stroke. This means, using the wrong putter, will create an inferior swing. For example, if you use a blade putter, you must make sure that your stroke is inside during the backswing and follow through.  I’m partial to this putter.

The Putt Stroke

Another important factor in the golf putting tips is that your wrists are not part of your putt. Your entire arms, hands and shoulders should move together as a single unit to ensure that the stoke is effective. Otherwise, you end up looking like a mess, and your score is negatively impacted by the action.

With this in mind, you should ensure your head remains still. You don’t want your entire head to swing as you swing. Listen to what is going on around you, and wait to hear the ball hit the hole, your head movement can alter your putt significantly.

Something else to keep in mind is that you want an even stroke. To do this, your putter should swing back as far as it swings forward. This smooth acceleration will help you to get the best shot possible. If you find this to be difficult, you can try doing it in a counting fashion. Count, one then two back and swing forward one and then two. Keeping your rhythm here will ensure an effective result.

A problem many people have is not putting correctly as well. Any putt that is done within 20 feet of the hole should end up past the hole. If you aren’t hitting it within 18 inches, your putt might not be as effective as you would like it to be.

One other thing for golf putting tips that might help you is that there is a distance between the hold and edges of the green. You should eyeball it every time that you putt. Your goal is to figure out the power it would take to make half that distance, practice on your own at some point to give you an idea of what it will take.


If you’re still unsure about your putting technique, then get a reputable putting technique video.

THEN, practice.  Once you hone your putting technique, it’s a matter of practice.  Practice every day, which is easy if you get a putting mat or green at your home.

Remember, that if you following these golf putting tips, you should find that your score will improve as you end up becoming more effective using the putter on the course. Make sure you take the time and put the effort into your practice to find the best success possible.

Quick Guide to Artificial Putting Greens for Residential Use

Name some things that you have never seen in one of your friends or relative’s homes and chances are artificial putting greens will make the list. Unless they live directly on a golf course, most people cannot claim to walk out their back door to practice their swing. Taking it even further, very few people have a putting green inside their home where they can practice at any time of the day or year.

This is why artificial putting greens are becoming so popular today. They are changing the way avid golfers practice their skills and could be responsible for the next big golf star since they give users unlimited practice time!

What are Artificial Putting Greens?

Artificial putting greens look like the greens you tee off on at the golf course and function in exactly the same way, but they are made of artificial materials rather than real grass. While it would take a lot of money and tons of time to make a real putting green in your backyard and putting a real one is not possible inside your house, you can put artificial putting greens wherever you want them at much less expense.

Depending on the type of artificial green you select, you can save a lot of money and completely transform your home or backyard in very little time. These products make it possible to walk out your back door or into your own basement and practice your golf skills whenever it fits into your schedule. This is the big allure of artificial putting greens today.

Types of Artificial Putting Greens

Just as you can find different sized and shaped putting greens on a golf or miniature golf course, you can find a variety of different artificial putting greens on the market today. There are primarily three different categories to select from:

  • Standard Greens: These greens are made in specific shapes and sizes so you can quickly purchase them, have them delivered, and follow easy steps to put them together on your own. There is no way to customize them. These are the more affordable alternative for recreational home use.
  • Professional Greens: These greens are larger in size and can be designed to closely mimic real outdoor golf courses. You will need more space to accommodate these artificial putting greens and they can be installed indoors or out.
  • Designer/Customized Greens: These are the greens that give you complete freedom to create the perfect golfing space in your own backyard. If you want the absolute best of the best, then go for designer greens that deliver a real golfing experience. If you want something customized to your own home you can get professionals to do the designing for that project as well.

Which type of artificial putting greens you select determines on your budget and the amount of space you have to devote to this project. Smaller spaces and/or budgets will require the standard greens while larger spaces and/or budgets can accommodate the other options.

To get the most out of your chosen artificial putting greens, pay careful attention to the materials used to create the green and how the green is secured to the ground or your floor. You should be offered a special matting material that goes under the green to deliver the real feel of a golf course. Without that, the feel may be less than authentic.

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Is Your Yard Ideal for a Backyard Putting Green?

Do you want to be the envy of all your friends, clients, and business partners? Of course you do, and the best way to “one-up” everyone else is to have your own backyard putting green installed. Rather than taking a client to the local golf club you can just invite them over for some wine, good food, and a private putting green right out your back door.

No, you don’t have to live right on the golf course to make this happen! You just have to work with professional designers of artificial backyard putting green products. They can ship you standard artificial sets that allow you to create your own golfing areas very quickly or they can send the pros to your home to help you create an entire golf course for your own personal use.

Follow these steps to determine whether your backyard is adequate to accommodate your private backyard putting green:

1. Determine what areas of your backyard you would like to devote to the putting green.

The first step is to have an open discussion with others living in your home to determine who much space and exactly what area of the backyard you could give up for a backyard putting green. Consider all other uses for your backyard space and make sure you still have room for entertaining, relaxation, and other activities that you or your family enjoys doing in the backyard.

2. Ensure that you have suitable terrain in this area.

Once you know which area of the yard would be best for your putting green, look it over and make sure it is relatively flat or maybe slightly sloped if that is the type of green that you would like to create. The area will of course need cleared of trees and other obstacles. If you think some landscaping will be needed to make the areas suitable for this project make sure to include that into the price tag and time table for the overall project.

3. Shop around for the sizes and shapes that could be accommodated in your space.

This is the fun part. Start shopping around to find artificial putting greens that can fit well into the space you have available. The next step will help with this.

4. Consider professional or customized greens versus smaller, standard greens.

You will need to determine whether you want to purchase pre-manufactured putting green sets that are fast and easy to set up or you want to have something customized to your backyard and your standards. This will be a matter of budget for most people, so price all possible options either way to come to a determination here.

5. Determine whether you can do your own installation or will need a pro.

Ultimately, your choice of a customized professional backyard putting green and something smaller and easier to install comes down to whether you want to put it in yourself or leave the work to someone else. It is much cheaper to do it yourself, but having someone else take over is easier.

Finally, find a very high quality backyard putting green made from durable, high quality synthetic materials. It is critical that you don’t make a snap decision and find a green that is going to withstand vigorous practice with regular and appropriate care. Read reviews of individual greens to find products that have worked well for others.

Portable Putting Green Products – Dreams Can Come True!

Have you ever wished that you could get in more golf time without making your spouse angry or giving up time with your children? Have you ever thought that you could make a lasting impression on your golfing buds if you just had some time to practice putting in private without everyone watching? If so, then your dreams just may come true with portable putting green products.

A portable putting green has many advantages over the golf courses that you typically practice on:

1. They are extremely easy to install and uninstall wherever you want to practice.

2. They are very affordable and only take a one-time fee.

3. They can be taken with you when you move to a new house, so you are never forced to have new ones installed.

4. They allow you to practice in complete privacy.

Anyone who has the money, space and time can have a real golf course putting green installed in their backyard or even in their basement or gaming room. The difference here is that a portable putting green is not a permanent structure in your home. You can take it apart and install it wherever you want, so you never lose your money or have to create a new one if you move or just decide to start practicing elsewhere.

The biggest value in purchasing a portable putting green is the ability to practice whenever and wherever you want without leaving your family and other loved ones behind. If you want to get your spouse off your back but aren’t willing to give up the game you love, then this is a great alternative.

Similarly, if you want to practice more but also want to spend time with your children, you could merge the two together by teaching your children to play on your private portable putting green. This allows them to learn something new, bond with you, and learn to be competitive and work hard to develop new skills.

There is a lot to be gained from children learning the game of golf! Besides being a lot of fun, it helps them learn to focus and really strive to get better at something that requires great skill. It can also help with mental development since golf is very much a mental game.

Plus, it’s fun, keeps you physically active, and reduces stress. It is one of the healthiest things you could ever do for your home.

You can also save money by purchasing a high quality portable putting green. Rather than paying high fees at a golf or country club or paying every time you want to get in a bit of practice you could practice right in your own home. You won’t even have to pay someone to set it up since most standard residential greens are very easy to put together on your own.

With a portable putting green you pay one time for the green and never have to pay to practice again! Just make sure that you purchase from a top manufacturer and read online reviews. This will ensure that you get a high quality product that mimics the feel of a real golf course. A portable putting green that is well made will last for many years and provide hour upon hour of enjoyment.

A Little About Golf’s History

There has always been a question of where the first game of golf took place. It’s said that something resembling the sport was first introduced in the Netherlands on February 26, 1297. However, Scotland is still accepted by many as the origin of Golf thanks to the evidence of the first permanent golf course. In fact, the first membership, clubs, and written rules were established there.

Five years ago (2005), Professor Ling Hongling of Lanzhou University was set on disputing these claims. This was based off of new evidence about 500 years before Scotland’s initial game.

After much debate it was still found that Scotland would reign as the inventors of the game. The most notable point was that the game we know today is much more similar to what was played on the eastern coast of Scotland. Eventually golf was introduced to England and everywhere else in the world.

How did the Sport get the name; Golf?

This came forth due to Scottish words; goulf or gowf. The meaning behind them is “strike off” or “cuff.” The word “gouf”
was originally mentioned in a Scottish statue that was on prohibited games. Then again, some believe it originated from the Dutch word; kolf. This refers to a bat or club.

Where was the 1st course located?

You could find the first golf venue in Leith, which is close to Edinburgh.

What is the name of the first club?

Back in 1744, the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith was created. It held a yearly golf competition, but in 1768 the name was changed to Honourable Company of Edinburgh.

How did the 1st golf rules develop?

The members of the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith played with rules drafted by Duncan Forbes. He initially governed the play of the members.

Around the 13th century, the game that those of the Netherlands played used a stick with a leather ball. The goal was to hit the ball and putt it into the hole. The first one to do so became the winner. Keep in mind the hole was still hundreds of yards away like it is today.

In China a wealthier game developed that used 10 clubs that all looked like present-day drivers. However, these were etched out in gold and jade. The goal in this game was also a hole in the ground.

Scotland offered a game similar with a total of 18 holes. This is one of the many reasons why Scotland is still considered the birthplace of golf today.

The history of golf is rich and now is played worldwide.

Do You Need a Putting Mat? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

You probably know what a putting mat is, but are you wondering why you would actually want to spend money on one? You are right where millions of other people have been just before they purchased their very first putting mat. Ask yourself the following five questions to determine if a personal mat would benefit your home and lifestyle.

1. Do you need a better way to relax and distress?

Relaxing and getting rid of stress is one of the best uses for a residential or office putting mat. Stress mounts day after day and everyone needs a healthy, constructive way to release some of it before it affects their health. Hitting some balls and focusing on your swing is much easier and more enjoyable than hours spent doing yoga or Pilates.

2. Would you like to have something unusual or impressive in your home?

When you really want to impress someone, you have to go with a putting mat in your home. This is something that most people do not expect to see when they walk into a friend’s backyard for a cookout or into your game room for a fun afternoon of relaxation.

You can find putting mats of all sizes and shapes to accommodate whatever space you may have available in your home or backyard. This is guaranteed to impress everyone who comes for a visit and make you the talk of the town.

Watch your friends try and top that!

3. Do you find yourself bored during the cold season?

You don’t have to sit back on the couch and gain 10 or 15 pounds when the snow starts fall and the winds start to blow. Putting mats inside the home will keep you active and cure boredom during the cold and blustering seasons.

Plus, you could have the best swing on the golf course come spring if you spend enough winter evenings practice at home!

4. Would you like to practice your golf swing on a daily basis?

You probably don’t have enough time to get out to the driving range every day and practice your swing, though you might love the idea. With putting mats in your own home you can get some amount of practice every single day, or at least most days of the week. Having it right in your own home is extremely convenient and eliminates the excuse that you don’t have time to practice.

5. Do you want your children to become healthier and more active?

This is one of the biggest reasons to purchase putting mats if you have children. While it appears to be a game that kids love to play, it is actually an active game that helps them stay healthy and control their weight. Children shouldn’t be conscious of controlling weight, but as a parent it is a great idea to keep it in your own mind and  help them out in creative, subtle ways.

If you find yourself in any of these questions and answers, then you could benefit tremendously by purchasing putting mats for your home, office, or both. You can get healthy in mind and body, impress everyone you know, and get a lot of enjoyment out of your mats for many years to come.

What Do Home Putting Greens Cost?

Home putting greens are one of the biggest inventions science has ever delivered. Golf is one of the most loved sports in the world and is something that people of every age, gender and nationality can appreciate. The ability to practice and improve your skill no matter what the weather is like outside or where you happen to live is the biggest allure of owning your own putting greens.

You may not want to completely give up your local golf club, but you can definitely benefit from bringing home putting greens of professional quality. They allow you to practice indoors when the weather is unsuitable outdoors and give you the opportunity to practice when you couldn’t reasonably drive to a golf course or driving range. They also allow you to practice (and mess up) in complete privacy.

There are clear benefits to owning home putting greens, but many people dismiss the idea because they think it will take up too much space or cost too much. The good news is you can purchase them in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the space you have available and there are different options that allow you to control expenses.

Standard Home Putting Greens

This is the type of synthetic putting greens that most people purchase for residential use. This is like walking onto a car lot and purchasing a car that is already in inventory. You don’t get to add any customized features and are stuck with the original design, but you can take it home very quickly and they are very reasonably priced.

This doesn’t mean that all cars on the lot (or inside the box for your new putting green) will be inferior or of low value. It just means that they come pre-packaged and are designed to be cost effective and easy to install and start using (or drive off the lot in).

If you want something smaller in size, easier to move around, and more reasonably priced, this is the way to go.

Prices for this type of putting green will vary between $300 and over $1,000, depending on features and size.

Professional Home Putting Greens

This is an upgraded version of the standard home putting greens. Most of these will be larger in size and the designs will be more realistic to the feel of an actual driving range or golf course. There may be more options here but prices will also be higher since the quality is higher.

This would be like purchasing a more expensive vehicle with more advanced technology and features right off the lot, without adding in customized options.

Cost with this option runs between $500 and over $5,000, depending on features and size.

Designer Home Putting Greens

This is top of the line putting green real estate. This is driving the newest BMW off the lot with your head held high.  The quality will be higher and there will be more room for flexible options and advanced features when you go with a designer home putting green.

Prices here will run $500 to over $10,000 depending on features and size.

Custom Home Putting Greens

This is where you take a great vehicle and add in all the custom features you dream of having on your vehicle. You customize the entire project so it fits your life, personality, needs and expectations perfectly. This of course is going to cost a pretty penny, but overall expenses depend on the details of the project.